Congratulations to Lisa on her 1st place winning shot of a curious howler monkey in the lush tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. You can see more wonderful shots of these monkeys in her winning entry here!


Aaron Kirkpatrick is our Audience Choice Winner, and it’s easy to see why with this beautiful shot of a pod of Orca Whales in the waters of northern British Columbia, Canada. You can enjoy more of his shots here!



We had another difficult time picking our five honorable mention winners – there were some absolutely amazing entries in this challenge that really showed the diversity and beauty of wildlife. The winning shots are displayed below! The competition was stiff and they are listed in no particular order. We hope everyone will join in this week’s current challenge – Sunsets!


Jen Hammer is a newcomer to our challenges, but she caught our eye with her beautiful shots of some of the smaller species of wildlife that often gets overlooked! We loved this shot of a tiny ant crawling on a palm frond. You can see more shots in her entry here!


We loved Barb’s beautiful shot of a lone wolf in the amazing Yellowstone National Park! You can enjoy more of her wildlife shots in her entry here!


We really enjoyed Fergiemoto’s unique processing of this shot that shows a group of pine siskins coming to enjoy a meal at a birdfeeder! You can visit her entry here!


In Dries de Wet’s incredible shot, a leopard is frozen by the camera in mid-leap! You can visit his entry here!



Sometimes wildlife requires that you really go looking for it! Katlin’s shot of a frog taking shelter in a tree stump in Queensland, Australia shows how you never know what sort of wildlife you’ll stumble across! You can see more wildlife shots in her entry here!



7 Responses

  1. lisa brunetti

    Thank you so much! My jaw all but hit the floor when I read the pingback in moderation! That little monkey was so precious, and you have helped give it a larger audience!

    I am still stunned, as there were some amazing entries in this week’s category of wildlife! Congratulations everyone, your images are amazing!


  2. Barbara W. Beacham

    Thank you Nick and crew for featuring my photo as an honorable mention! How amazing is that!?!

    I cannot wait to enter you next challenge!

    Again, my humble thanks!

    Congratulations go out to my friend Lisa from Zeebra Designs! I love the shot of the shy monkey looking at her!

    My best to you all there at LetsBeWild!


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