Congratulations are in order to Laura Cook, for her winning shot of zebras running, featured above! It’s perfectly captured and is a great representation of escape – Laura points out that “Some escape for freedom, others simply escape to survive.” Be sure to visit her winning entry here!

Rachel Kowalczyk’s shot is our Audience Choice Winner, with this beautiful shot from Isla Palenque. Congratulations to Rachel! You can visit her winning entry here.



We had another difficult time picking our five honorable mention winners – there were some wonderful entries in this challenge that really showed how escape can be interpreted so many different ways. The winning shots are displayed below! The competition was stiff and they are listed in no particular order. We hope everyone will join in this week’s current challenge – Water!


Ron Mayhew’s breathtaking shot of a sailboat moored in calm waters captures the allure of the sea – a perfect place to escape, away from civilization and many of the modern conveniences we take for granted! You can check out his winning entry here.

“Maybe the easiest way to escape – to fly far away and leave things behind, physically as well as mentally” – We loved Ann-Christine’s beautiful shot taken out the window of an airplane, high above the clouds. 100 years ago, traveling to the other side of the world and leaving all your troubles behind meant weeks or even months of travel – now we’re able to escape in a matter of hours! Visit her winning entry here.

We loved Imelda’s touching photograph of two swans floating in a pond. Sometimes the best escape can simply be visiting a park and enjoying the fresh air and birds! You can visit her winning entry here.

“I seek my escape in the finding lonely shells on the beach unperturbed by the raging sea.” Dellilah’s idea of escape sounds pretty good to us, and we loved her shot of a helmet conch sitting on a sandy throne, just waiting to be found! You can visit her winning entry here.

Few scenes can offer as immediate a sense of escape as one of an open, lonely road stretching into the distance. Tatjana’s shot of a winding road through the desert of Arizona is a stunning representation of what escape means to her! Visit her winning entry here.

6 Responses

  1. Laura

    Chuffed to have the winning entry and have totally enjoyed looking at everyone else’s entries. Thanks for such a great weekly challenge!

  2. Happy Runner

    Thanks so much for the Honorable Mention Award! Great interpretations from everyone. Looking forward to taking part in another challenge soon.

  3. Dellilah

    Thank u loads for the honorable mentions. I am really over the moon. Congrats to all the winners and heres to many more. loved the way how everyone sees and finds their escape!


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