Photo Challenge: Overlooked - Anton

Congratulations to Anton, a young photographer from Denmark, who has won the 1st Place Award with this beautiful shot of tiny periwinkle snails (Littorina aspera) along the shore in Panama City. If you take the time to look, you’ll find all kinds of amazing creatures in just about every place you can imagine!

Have a look at his winning entry here!

Photo Challenge: Overlooked - Ann-Christine

Often they are small and insignificant, but suddenly something happens that makes them seen to the world. It can be the soft sparkle of morning dew or a ray of sunshine gone astray… And, this is exactly what happened when I found the beauty of these.

Ann-Christine has won the Audience Choice Award with this stunning shot of tiny seeds glistening with dew!

Have a look at her winning entry here!


It’s never easy for us to pick the honorable mention winners, but as always we’ve done our best!


Photo Challenge: Overlooked - Sianakdesa

We love turtles! Full grown sea turtles are tough to miss because of their size, but seldom seen unless you get lucky while snorkeling or scuba diving. Baby sea turtles are even more difficult to spot, easily overlooked in the night and early mornings when they usually hatch, quickly scurrying toward the safety of the ocean. Sianakdesa managed to capture this photo of a hatchling making its way to the sea in Indonesia!

Have a look at his winning entry here!

Photo Challenge: Overlooked - Mango

On my daily walks, sometimes I take a trail that goes along a freeway. At the trail head, in the space between the trail and the freeway entrace, there is a whole big mini forest of sprouted moss, that I’m sure gets overlooked more often than not…

FromMyMangoTree brings us this beautiful shot of moss, which really does look like a miniature forest! It’s a great reminder to stop once in a while and bend down to see the tiny world beneath our feet!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Photo Challenge: Overlooked - Dellilah

Can you see how the fire was dancing to the beat of crackling wood?  Enchanting but often over looked.

We’ve all enjoyed the warmth of a fire, but it’s easy to overlook just how beautiful they really are, as the embers glow and sparks fly. Dellilah reminds us to pause and look at the overlooked beauty in the flames!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Photo Challenge: Overlooked - Milka

Did you know that grass is fuzzy? Even when you take a close-up photo of a grass blade, you may not see it, unless the grass is covered with morning dew. Then the fuzz of the grass really stands out.

Milka takes us to the overlooked world of the ants – a place where a drop of dew shines like a tiny globe and the grass is covered in tiny fuzzy hairs. It’s fascinating just how much we overlook most of the time!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Photo Challenge: Overlooked - Stefano

Caterpillars are frequently overlooked, often hiding on the undersides of leaves. When they do venture into the open, they’re often eaten by birds and squished by gardeners, but if we look closely we can see just how beautiful they are! Stefano has captured the overlooked caterpillar perfectly in this beautiful macro shot!

Have a look at his winning entry here!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Overlooked Photo Challenge! We hope to see you all in this week’s challenge – Clouds! The more the merrier, so encourage your friends to join in too. We’re also really excited to announce the launch of a Brand New section on LetsBeWild – the new Photography Course, helping you learn all about photography (for free!) with great content for beginners and pros alike!


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  1. DELL

    Congrats to the winner. All the pictures are so well described. Happy weekend

    PS. Thank you for the honorable mention. Means alot to me .x

  2. Ann-Christine

    Thank you so much for being chosen by the audience! This is really a joy and a great honour ! Congratulations to my neighbour in Denmark, Anton, and to all the winners!


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