Spring Photo Challenge: Joy

Spring takes a while to get a foothold in many parts of the world. Joy captured this 1st Place Award winning shot along the Dewdney Trail in British Columbia, Canada’s East Kootenays. What a stunning burst of color that hopefully means Spring will be rolling in any day now!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Spring Photo Challenge: Jenn

Wild Weekly Challenge this week is Spring. But in the southern hemisphere it’s now early Autumn. Yet I live in Queensland’s sub-tropical climate. Late summer heavy rain has left us with incredibly lush green foliage, new growth and vibrant flowers.

Jenn has won the Audience Choice Award with her beautiful photograph of these colorful flowers! Isn’t it interesting how it can be an entirely different season depending upon where in the world you are?

Have a look at her winning entry here!


It’s never easy for us to pick the honorable mention winners, but as always we’ve done our best!

Spring Photo Challenge: Dries

Dries joins us from South Africa with this outstanding shot of a swallow!

In South Africa, as in many other temperate parts of the world, the arrival of the spring season sees an influx of birds that had spent the winter in warmer climes. Swallows are great examples, though some individuals of the Lesser Striped Swallow depicted here (in the Pilanesberg National Park) do actually stay in South Africa year round.

Have a look at his winning entry here!


Spring Photo Challenge: Mary

The bright colours of dandelions, daffodils and tulips are so cherished
after the dull tones of the recently passed winter.

Mary has brought us a classic Spring scene with this stunning shot of tulips and daffodils stretching toward the warm sunny sky!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Spring Photo Challenge: Milka

California poppies fill a field with color in this gorgeous Spring shot by Milka! We feel warmer already!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Spring Photo Challenge: Jody

Jody’s great photo shows us that it’s not only plants which come to life in the Spring!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Spring Photo Challenge: Ann-Christine

I went about 100 kilometres south of my home town – in search for Spring. Not only because Spring is this week’s challenge for the online magazine LetsBeWild, but because I really want to find some signs of its arrival. This winter has been a long and tough one, and unfortunately we are expecting hard winds, -18 C and another 20-30 centimetres of snow next week.

Ann-Christine takes us to a chiller part of the world, where Spring struggles to take off it’s Winter coat. The snow provides a great contrast to the opening flowers!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Spring Photo Challenge! We hope to see you all in this week’s challenge – Reflections! The more the merrier, so encourage your friends to join in too.

5 Responses

  1. Maria

    Just as I voice a preference for a particular shot out loud, I see the next one and I change my mind. *laugh* Like the way you approached the challenge.

  2. lagottocattleya

    Thank for the honourable mention! Congratulations to all the winners! I’ve had some trouble with the sight for a while and cannot see the winners – but now I did!

  3. jody

    Week after week, I enjoy others’ entries so much that I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to unexpectedly find my photo here today under honorable mentions while scrolling through – nearly the same delight I experienced when accidentally stumbling upon that nest of eggs! Thanks for showin’ me some spring-lovin’! 😉 -j

  4. Jenn

    Oh wow I missed this … Thankyou so very much for the audience award 🙂 it was such a strange feeling taking photos of what is usually regarded as spring when its autumn here 🙂


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