Look Up! Photo Challenge: Stefano Scheda

Never in a million years did we expect to see a lion in the Look Up! challenge, but Stefano Scheda surprised us with this outstanding 1st Place winning shot of a lion relaxing in the treetops in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park!

Have a look at his winning entry here!

Look Up! Photo Challenge: Jane Lurie

An African safari is a life-changing experience especially for a photographer. Being so close to animals in the wild is thrilling and this sequence was part of one of the most exciting moments we spent during our trip. This mother leopard and her cub had just finished feasting on an impala high up in a tree. These photos show them sated and cleaning up after their meal. We spent a great deal of time looking up!


Jane Lurie has won the Audience Choice Award this week! While we expected to see lots of photos of birds in trees, we never expected to see Africa’s big cats in this challenge & it looks like the audience was definitely impressed too. We love the pensive look on the leopard’s face!

Have a look at her winning entry here!


It’s never easy for us to pick the honorable mention winners, but as always we’ve done our best!

Look Up! Photo Challenge: Kelly Guymon

We loved Kelly Guymon’s composition in this colorful shot of hot air balloons rising into the sky!

Have a look at his winning entry here!


Look Up! Photo Challenge: Bob Ramsak

While in Laguna Nimez Municipal Reserve in El Calafate, Argentina, Bob Ramsak managed to capture an aerial drama many wildlife photographers dream of seeing – a battle between a caracara (right) and a Cinereous Harrier!

Have a look at his winning entry here!

Look Up! Photo Challenge: Sylvie Dao

Photographed by Sylvie Dao, a mother orangutan perches in the thick jungle canopy of Sumatra, Indonesia, her red hair highlighted by the sun filtering through the treetops!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Look Up! Photo Challenge: Lisa Brunetti

Lisa Brunetti is back in the winner’s circle with this amazing shot of a baby howler monkey clinging to its mother as they fly through the air from tree to tree in Costa Rica!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Look Up! Photo Challenge: Keira McKenzie

Looking up, you become aware of the dance of the trees

Keira McKenzie shows us the beauty of a eucalyptus tree in Australia, towering into the sky!

Have a look at her winning entry here!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Look Up Photo Challenge! We hope to see you all in this week’s challenge – Black and White! The more the merrier, so encourage your friends to join in too.

6 Responses

  1. Keira McKenzie

    Goodness! Thank you for the honourable mention! Amongst so many amazing entries! I am stunned, honoured – & utterly delighted ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for loving my trees so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jane Lurie

    Thanks, everyone, for your enthusiasm for these leopard shots! I really appreciate it. Congratulations to the others for your beautiful entries.
    Thank you, Let’s Be Wild!

  3. Imelda

    Congratulations to you all. Your photos are all lovely and well-deserving of the award. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lisa Brunetti

    All of the winning entries are wonderful, as were the amazing assortment of others that were equally worthy! you had a tough job with this week’s challenge, and I am honored that you enjoyed baby howler’s superman leap through the treetops!


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