Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #16 - Cattail Fluff
Congratulations to Imelda, who has captured the 1st Place Award in this week’s challenge, where we asked bloggers to take new photos over the past week!

Last Sunday, when it was sunny and cold, we went to the pond for some bird watching. I was hoping to see some gulls and geese that I saw flying over our yard from the pond. I was completely surprised to find the pond empty of birds and instead full of people. I do not know why I was so surprised but the week of subfreezing weather had completely frozen the pond and turned it into a natural ice rink.

…The children had a great time playing with the cat tail puffs, blowing them in the wind, pulling out a reed and pretending to be kings.

Check out her winning entry here!



Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #16 - Zainad

Zainab earned the Audience Choice Award with this beautiful shot of the sun’s rays shining from behind a cloud and illuminating the ocean below. Looks like a great place to be this week!

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We had a tricky time picking the winners this week with lots of great photos taken! We do our best to narrow it down, but the competition is extremely close. Listed below in no particular order are our honorable mention selections!


Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #16 - Jenn
Jenn’s beautiful photo shows us the beautiful aftermath of rainy weather – fallen flowers & a fresh patch of mushrooms delighting in the wet ground!

Wild Weekly Challenge is to photograph ‘Now’. This week. And what a week, or rather few days its has been. In the midst of extreme weather following Cyclone Oswald.

Check out her winning entry here!


Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #16 -
Debbie’s entry definitely brought a smile to our faces and quite a few laughs! It’s not everyday that you see brightly painted pig sculptures frolicking in the snow.

We’ve just had a week or so of snow in England and it was impossible to resist getting out there and taking photos. I love these colourful pigs in the snow in Wiltshire

Check out her winning entry here!



Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #16 -

Ann-Christine’s entry reminds us that Winter is still here throughout much of the world!

Here in the southern part of Sweden, the temperature has reached around 15-20 degrees C below zero every night now. The colours are all brown and white, sometimes with a tinge of green. There is not much snow right now, so the small creatures who don’t hibernate – and some maybe need to hide from the cold under that white cover – they all have a tough time. There is still more than one month of winter left.

We are all waiting, enjoying the rare rays of sunshine…

Check out her winning entry here!



Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #16 - Lisa Brunetti

While snow coats the ground in the chillier hemispheres, the more tropical locations get to enjoy a very healthy dose of rain! We loved Lisa’s shot showing the muddy aftermath of weeks of rain in Ecuador.

After weeks and weeks of slow, gentle rains, the skies lightened yesterday, and I joined my fellow locals and mudded my way to town! Although my kitchen held a generous supply of basics, I’ve learned to always be prepared for unstable weather to flex its muscles and hang around for weeks.

Check out her winning entry here!



Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #16 - Jen Hammer

While it might be winter in some parts of the world, living Down Under means that it’s Summer! Jenn Hammer shows us the side-effect of warmer temperatures which help to stir up stormy-trouble!

Summer is all about sunshine, surf and bronzed bodies. And when you live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, summer is also about wild weather, tropical storms and cyclones.

In the last 24 hours my home has seen torrential rains, gail force winds tearing massive trees apart and a coast line that right now resembles a winter wonderland. Massive swells see metres of foam cover roads, delighting both locals and tourists alike.

Check out her winning entry here!

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  1. Imelda

    Thank you very much for choosing my picture for this challenge. 🙂 Congratulations to everybody who won. 🙂

  2. Zainab

    Congratulations to everyone ! It was a really nice experience …and thank you for the Audience Choice Award =) !

  3. Lisa Brunetti

    congratulations, everyone! this was a great theme, and this next week is equally great. there are going to be some stunning images for this next week!


  4. Jenn

    Congratulations to all the winners and thankyou so much for my honourable mention 🙂 it was such a fun challenge 🙂


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