When we think of people in nature, images of people hiking and relaxing quickly come to mind. 1st Place winner Citra Rahman impressed us with his entry, showing a much less enjoyable side of experiencing nature. In his outstanding photograph seen above, a miner hauls chunks of sulfur from inside the active Ijen Volcano in East Java, Indonesia. Escaping volcanic gasses are channeled through ceramic pipes which results in the condensation of molten sulfur. Once it cools, miners carry the sulfur away in baskets, carrying loads weighing 100-200 pounds nearly a thousand feet up a steep incline to the crater rim and then nearly two miles down the mountain to be weighed. The sulfur is used for bleaching sugar, vulcanizing rubber, and other industrial uses. Most of the miners make this arduous trek twice a day, earning about $13 USD for their efforts.

Be sure to check out Citra’s winning entry here!

Monument Valley

Kelly Guymon is this week’s Audience Choice Winner, with a beautiful photo of a lone Navajo horseman looking out over the iconic Western landscape of Monument Valley in Utah.

On this day, there happened to be a Navajo on horseback, which made it more spectacular. This was the place that the ending of the movie Code Talkers was filmed.

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We had a very, very difficult time picking the winners this week with so many excellent entries! We do our best to narrow it down, but you should know that the competition is extremely close. Listed below in no particular order are our honorable mention selections!


Mairead Khan

Mairead Khan’s shot certainly shows one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy nature!

As the sun set beautifully over Lake Michigan’s calm waters, a couple in a canoe glided across the surface. Their silhouettes against the gold sky created a wonderful contrast.

Be sure to check out Mairead’s winning entry here!


Western Australia

Caitrin Scott takes us down under with her great shot showing the great lengths photographers will go to in order to get the perfect shot!

My friend’s father at Pinnacles State Park in Western Australia. As I watched him walk around the Pinnacles, I watched him lay down and look through his camera lense for a few seconds, and then get back up again. I watched him do this several times, up and down again, until he found the perfect shot.

The photo I took of him is one of him snapping a photo on what he saw as the “perfect shot” of the Pinnacles through his eyes. Watching him do this helped teach me to take my time finding the perfect shot sometimes, and to also slow down and to truly experience a place, not being so caught up in only taking pictures.

Be sure to check out Caitrin’s winning entry here!



Skiing in Finland

Ritva Sillanmaki takes us to Finland where a sunny day brings everyone outside to enjoy the beauty of nature in the winter!

Be sure to check out Ritva’s winning entry here!

India on a Bicycle

Laura Cook shows us a great way to enjoy nature and minimize our impact on the environment, with this great shot of a bicycle rider exploring a path in India.

In November I went to India to explore some of the Dune Group hotels that specialise in building bridges between people and nature. All three locations I visited are in Tamil Nadu and are true eco-resorts. So many tourist locations claim to care about nature, climate, change and the environment but this group of hotels clearly demonstrated their passion for the world around us.

Be sure to check out her winning entry here!

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Barry Perrault shows us that there’s nothing quite like a perfect sunset, a lighthouse, and crashing waves to lure people outside and into nature!

When hurricane Katia was passing by Nova Scotia in 2011 she stayed a couple hundred kilometers offshore but she still sent some impressive waves ashore. A lot of people wanted to get out to see them. The sunset at Peggys Cove lighthouse was quite spectacular that evening.

Be sure to check out Barry’s winning entry here!


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  1. Caitrin Scott

    Just wanted to say thank you kindly for the honorable mention! I am truly…well, honored! Congrats to all the other winners as well!!! I loved them all 🙂 The picture of the man on his bike in India by Laura Cook spoke to me in particular though because I spent some time in India last summer and it brought back nothing but wonderful sweet memories! Excited to see what next week’s challenge holds 🙂

  2. dearrosie

    Congratulations to all the winners. Citra Rahman’s winning photo is brilliant. The heat, the desolation, the heavy load.


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