Lisa Brunetti
Congratulation to Lisa Brunetti, who has won her third 1st place award with this touching shot of Olive Ridley sea turtle hatchlings making their way out of their nest on the beach in Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica! A new beginning indeed!

In 40 to 60 days, the magical awakening begins, and the hatchlings quickly find their way to the surface and follow the call of the ocean.

Be sure to check out her winning entry here!


Barry captured the Audience Choice Award with his beautiful shots of new plant life emerging in the warmth of Spring! Be sure to check out his winning entry here!



It’s never an easy task to pick the honorable mention winners – each week we find ourselves wanting to give everyone an award because there are simply so many excellent photographers who participate in the challenges. We do our best to narrow it down, but you should know that the competition is extremely close! Listed below in no particular order are our honorable mention selections!

Katlin Eyre
Katlin Eyre photographed this seedling taking root among the limbs of a much larger tree, finding a new beginning in a small patch of soil! Be sure to check out her winning entry here!


Stefano Scheda
Photographed by Stefano Scheda in Madagascar, this Ring-tailed Lemur is holding one of the cutest types of new beginnings – a baby! Be sure to check out his winning entry here!

Barbara Beacham
Barbara Beacham photographed the tiny developing cones of a cedar!

I put my macro lens on for this shot as the developing flower buds will be the seed pods later in this season.

Be sure to check out her winning entry here!

Tina Schell
Challenge newcomer Tina Schell delighted us with her shots of a loggerhead sea turtle hatchling!

Mature turtles, who can live up to 60 years and weigh up to 300 pounds, crawl onto our shores to lay and bury their eggs. They are guided only by the moonlight and an amazing sense of navigation. Every morning before dawn our Turtle Patrol checks the nests to keep the eggs safe from predators, and to help any stray hatchlings make their way to the water, leading them by flashlight when necessary.

One early spring morning, I was privileged to see a single tiny creature beginning her journey. After breaking free of her egg, she struggled to the nearest clump of grass for a short rest.

Be sure to check out her winning entry here!



We really enjoyed the creative take on the challenge by blogger Cobbled Toolbox
who photographed ice melting in the warm air! Be sure to check out their winning entry here!

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  1. jody

    I got behind on getting to see everyone’s entries this week, but these are fabulous! Congrats to a most deserving group!


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