California Brown Pelicans - Jade Sevelow
Congratulations to challenge newcomer Jade Sevelow who captured 1st place in our Flying challenge! We loved her shot of California Brown Pelicans flying over the Pacific.

As I stood on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean one evening, the sun set low and cast a beautiful gold glow on all the birds gliding by. These three were particularly spectacular.

Be sure to check out Jade’s winning entry here!


African Fish Eagle - Stefano Scheda

Stefano blew us away with his amazing shot of an African Fish Eagle taking flight in Uganda! He must have impressed you too, because he’s won the Audience Choice Award! Be sure to have a look at his winning entry here!


It’s never an easy task to pick the honorable mention winners – each week we find ourselves wanting to give everyone an award because there are simply so many excellent photographers who participate in the challenges. We do our best to narrow it down, but you should know that the competition is very, very close! Listed below in no particular order are our honorable mention selections!

Ballooning over New Zealand - Ann-Christine
Ann-Christine’s photo of a hot air balloon drifting in the distance over Arrowtown, New Zealand really caught our eye!

I have never flown a balloon but would very much like to – especially over a landscape as beautiful as this.

We agree! Be sure to have a look at her winning entry here!


Bald Eagles: Nova Scotia, Canada - Barry
Barry impresses us again with another outstanding challenge entry, this time of bald eagles swooping in on food in Nova Scotia, Canada.

For the past 20 years, for a couple of weekends in January and February, chicken farmers in Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia have been feeding the Eagles and providing an opportunity one would not normally get; a chance to observe (and photograph) large numbers of Bald Eagles and other birds of prey feeding in the wild (sort of).

Head over to his entry here to see several great shots of these powerful birds of prey!



Seagulls - Jenn
We loved Jenn’s shot of a flock of seagulls taking flight! They seem to be close to crashing into one another, and yet seagulls always seem to manage to take off in huge numbers without incident.

Seagulls … common … but watching them is pure delight .. their lazy flight and ability to soar across the water …

Have a look at her winning entry here!



Kiteboarding - Ritva
Ritva’s shot shows us just how clever humans have become when it comes to finding ways to fly. A blend of wakeboarding, surfing, paragliding, and with some gymnastics thrown in the mix, kiteboarding is a newer sport that lets the rider harness the power of the wind using a giant controllable kite. Be sure to check out her entry here!


Flying over Venezuela - Julie Dawn Fox
Julie Dawn Fox is back again with another great shot – this time from the skies over Venezuela as the small aircraft she was on came in for a landing at Canaima! Have a look at her winning entry here!


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  1. Jenn

    thank you so much for the honourable mention … stunning shots by all 🙂 but i do love in particular the pelicans … almost otherworldly 🙂


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