Congratulations to Imelda – With her beautiful shot of fall leaves in dew-covered grass shown above, she’s the winner of our Fall Wild Weekly Photo Challenge! Be sure to visit her blog, My Word Wall!

We had a very tough time picking a winner and an even tougher time picking out our five Honorable Mentions – congratulations to each of the 5 bloggers whose Honorable Mention winning shots are displayed below! The competition was stiff and they are listed in no particular order. We hope everyone will join in this week’s current challenge – Weather!


Leila’s beautiful, atmospheric shot was taken in Finland! Visit her entry here to see more beautiful Fall photos & even a delicious looking recipe for Wild Cream of Mushroom Soup!


Ecuador is a country that doesn’t get to experience the traditional season of Fall, but Lisa has done a great job photographing a tropical Fall scene with her shot of a Ceibo tree growing in a field of corn! Visit her entry here to see more beautiful shots of an Ecuadorian Fall!


Katlin’s entry to the challenge captures Fall’s vibrance in all its colorful glory! The beautiful contrast and shallow depth of field really makes this a winning shot – visit her entry here to see more great Fall images!


In Finnish, Ruska signifies the colors of Fall. Ritva’s photo shows the beautiful yellow & browns of the changing leaves sandwiched between the rich golden grass of a farmer’s field and the dark green of an evergreen forest. Visit her entry here to see more Fall photos!


Aljaja’s entry shows the leafy forest floor in a German woodland – it’s easy to imagine walking through this beautiful area, listening to the crunching of the dry leaves underfoot. Be sure to visit Aljaja’s entry here and see more Fall images!


6 Responses

  1. Lisa B

    hey from the equator!

    after a very long day of working outside (painting a house!) i kicked back and logged onto wordpress, and WOW – thank you so much! i’m very honored!

    imelda’s yellow and crimson leaves are stunning and certainly do a great job for a pictorial illustration of fall. you are right that there were many great entries, as i looked at many yesterday. you had a tough job!

    i love the perspective and mood of leila’s photo, and katlin’s image has the composition of a great painting with precise detail in the foreground and a dreamy background.

    ruska’s is a tonic to the eyes, and aljaja’s on-the-ground perspective brings out a clean crisp autumn day.

    the sad part about the ceibo image is that the tree was cut down a few months ago. i have many photos of it, and there’s one from a different angle where it appears very humanesque. perhaps it knew that it was destined to have its life cut short? (ceibo trees/slideshow)

    thank you so much for including dear lovely ceibo in your top five! you help it to live on!

    lisa/z from manabi, ecuador

  2. aljaja

    Wow! Thank you very much! I’m very honored! There were many great entries, so many amazing pictures for this challenge. Beautiful selections … I love them all.

  3. Ritva's ART / Ritva Sillanmäki

    wow, I am amazed to be in top 5. Thank you so much 😀

    You have picked beautiful shots tha t bring out different aspects of fall, the colors, mist, leafless trees. the position of the sun…Congratulations to the winner and all runner ups, I am in very good company 🙂

  4. Charlene

    Beautiful selections! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next time!


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