Being outdoors is pretty inspiring. In fact, it might just be one of the most inspiring things about living on planet Earth. So, what happens when you’re an outdoor enthusiast who gets injured? That’s where the High Fives Foundation comes in. Founded by Roy Tuscany, the High Fives Foundation mission is to raise money and awareness for athletes that suffer a life-altering injury while pursuing their dreams in the action sports community, helping them to return to the outdoors. In 2006, Roy suffered a life-altering spinal injury during a fall on Mammoth Mountain. Back on skis now, he’s helping others through his foundation to get back outdoors and enjoy the sports they love.

In this inspiring 9 minute film produced by Shreddy Times, the High Fives Foundation takes a group of Winter Empowerment Fund athletes to San Clemente, California’s San Onofre State Park to learn the sport of adaptive surfing at “Dog Patch” beach. Athletes Steve Wallace, Taylor Fiddyment, Landon McGauley, Danny Toumarkine and John Davis traveled with the Foundation and a media team to Southern California for their first ever Adaptive Surf Camp.

Perfect swells and an amazing cast of adaptive surf community members helped the team master the sport on sit-down Infinity Waveskis.

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  1. Christine Marshall

    pretty inspiring to say the least – so cool to see everyone having fun and doing what they love!

  2. Leo

    Way better than the doom and gloom news we’re normally bombarded with on tv. Wish the news would feature nothing but stories like this!



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