Contributing to is all about creating a true sense of community — a place where outdoor adventurers, travelers, and photographers can comes together to share their experiences and inspire each other. With more than 34,000 social media friends and followers, reaches a large, extended audience of people who love to travel and explore the wildest places on Earth!

This is a site for real people having real adventures. Anyone, from anywhere can contribute an original post for publication on — we love big adventures, but we also love small ones. What sets us apart is our focus on the personal, authentic experience of travel and adventure. For the passionate explorer, that first journey into the mountains can be as life-changing of an experience as climbing Mount Everest. A simple week long road trip can ignite wanderlust in a way that a luxury cruise never can. Our mission as a community is to inspire others to venture into the outdoors, to travel to new places where they will see new things. While many of us dream of bigger adventures, even our smallest experiences can inspire others.

Why Contribute?

  • Your post will be seen by thousands of visitors each week from more than 165 countries around the world! From Tulsa to Tehran, our readers span the globe.
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Writing Guidelines

  • Choose a topic or experience that you feel passionate about! Don’t be afraid to write about your struggles and mistakes – as a community, we can all learn from each other!
  • Keep it Wild! We cover a wide variety of topics, from travel to out of the way destinations to adventure activities like kayaking, camping, hiking, and just about everything else in the great outdoors. We enjoy a nice, comfortable bed and delicious meals as much as the next person, but if your travel primarily involves stays in luxury hotels, dining at gourmet restaurants, and tours in air conditioned tour buses, is probably not the right venue to share your story.
  • Provide original and personal writing. Writing should be unique and unpublished, even on your own blog. Search engines can actually penalize sites using content already published elsewhere.
  • Keep the self promotion to your bio. We’re happy to count many outdoor and travel business owners as contributors, but to keep the site authentic and trustworthy, leave the marketing and promotional links to your bio.
  • Send your submissions to Before submitting, please review our very short and easy to understand Rights Page

Listed below, you will find some of the various ways you can join in the fun! If you’d like to contribute in a way you don’t see listed, just send us an email.

Featured Stories/Guest Blogs: Featured stories should be non-fiction writing about travel, adventure, science, the environment, and outdoor sports typically written from your perspective with emphasizing the personal and emotional experience. Writing should be original and unique, since sharing the same writing on different sites can result in neither of them showing up in the search results.

Photo Essays: Photo essays in our Wild World section are a perfect way for the talented photographer to display a connected series of large images that tell a story. Please include a few paragraphs of introductory text as well as a small photo of yourself, a bio, and links to any websites of yours.

Photo of the Day: The Photo of the Day feature showcases a different submitted image every day by a talented photographer. All adventure travel, landscape, nature, or outdoor sports images will be considered. Please see the detailed POTD submission and guidelines page for more information and a handy image upload form. Because we are all about inspiring people, be sure to provide a detailed description of the photo you’re submitting!

Reviews: Reviews about outdoor gear, books, and any items that might be of interest to the outdoor adventurer and explorer. We feel that reviews should be more than just factual press releases. Let’sBeWild is all about passion and inspiring people to live their outdoor lives to the fullest – society teaches us to consume everything in sight, but Let’sBeWild is only interested in sharing things with people that are actually worthwhile and will enhance the outdoor experience.