Coastal Adventure

Standing on a dock in an old Georgia fishing village with a small sailboat high and dry in the mud and our guide cursing herself because she had packed not a complete pair of shoes, but one of her husband’s Cha...
Canoeing Canada's Barren Lands - Bear

Canoeing Canada’s Barren Lands

West of Hudson Bay in Canada's Arctic, an enormous triangle of roadless tundra, twice the size of Alberta or Texas, stretches north to the polar sea and forms the largest single wilderness remaining in North Am...
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My First Sailboat

Some sail to travel, others travel to sail. The lake near where I was staying did not figure on a local map but this wasn’t about the lake's size. Always a crew member on others' boats, I at last had one to my...
Adventure Travel - - Windsurfing in the Dominican Republic by Stas Holodnak

Windsurfing with Sea Urchins

The last time I tried windsurfing I wasn't able to even stand on the board, let alone hold the mast. A friend's response to my grumblings was brutally visual. He let a pencil stand vertically on his desk. "Th...
Adventure Travel - - The Galápagos Islands - Natalie Holmes - Pinnacle Rock


I landed in Lima alone and with no fixed plan. Back home, I’d toyed with the idea of heading to the Galapagos Islands but remained undecided about the ethics of my impact on such a fragile ecosystem. It only ... - kayaking Alaska's inside passage - bald eagles - Denis Dwyer

The Wild Passage

 This Steller sea lion was no different from any of the hundreds of others that I had encountered already on my 1,200-mile Inside Passage kayaking adventure. I would typically first spot one a few boat lengths ...