Northern Norway: An Adventure Lover’s Paradise


Culture in Northern Norway has been alive and well for thousands of years…

Far to the north of the Arctic Circle lies the Alta Rock Art Museum, an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site which preserves thousands of rock carvings at the head of the picturesque Alta Fjord. Discovered just 60 years ago, these carvings were made by hunter-gatherers over a long span of thousands of years from 5,000BC until until the year 0, the rock art at this site shows amazing scenes of fishing trips, hunting parties, and abundant wildlife. Despite its remote location, this area was clearly an inspiring place for the ancient people who traveled to the area around what is now modern day Alta, and more rock carvings can be seen clustered here than anywhere else in Northern Europe.

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  1. Jen

    I already desperately wanted to visit Norway and these pictures are not helping! Beautiful gallery – thanks for sharing!


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