Northern Norway: An Adventure Lover’s Paradise


Tired of rush hour traffic? This is Northern Norway’s Version.

With more than 100,000 reindeer roaming Northern Norway, you’re bound to see at least one if you visit! While both wild and domestic reindeer can be found in Norway, all of the reindeer in Finnmark County are domesticated and owned by Sami reindeer herders. Although they’re not technically wild, these reindeer graze freely across large areas of land.

The Sami reindeer herders have both summer and winter pastures, and in the early spring prior to the birth of reindeer calves, the herd moves toward the coast to ensure plentiful food. Under the midnight sun the reindeer enjoy plentiful grazing, and along the coast you’ve got an excellent chance of spotting one of these legendary and beautiful animals.

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  1. Jen

    I already desperately wanted to visit Norway and these pictures are not helping! Beautiful gallery – thanks for sharing!


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