Adventure Travel: Madagascar -  A Coast to Coast Expedition by Levison Wood

Madagascar: A Coast to Coast Expedition

Madagascar. The word itself is tinged with excitement. It stirs half formed childhood memories of adventure - jungles, snakes, vast baobabs and curious lemurs. But there is more to the island than a cartoon-lik... - A Journey to the Edge of the World by Becx Whitefield

A Journey to the Edge of the World

So I’ve lived, breathed, and loved Africa for many, many years. I’ve driven from Nairobi to Johannesburg taking a very wiggly line and my time. I had a cottage on the banks of the Zambezi with elephant and hipp...

My Inca Adventures: A Trek to Machu Picchu

“What are the odds of getting food poisoning the day before my Machu Picchu trek?” was a question that crossed my mind as I added a generous amount of mayonnaise to my potato snack. Mayonnaise that may or may...
26km flat road to Warraweena

Bikes in an Ancient Land

26km flat road to Warraweena For the last few years, autumn has meant a bike trip to the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia for Robyn and me. It’s a rugged, ancient landscape created 540 million year...
Adventure Travel: Ireland's Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Insanity

I escaped New England’s sticky, humid summer for three trade-off months exploring Ireland. As part of a student tour group, we had a local guide, bus and bus driver (a capsule of vast knowledge with a James Bon...