Adventure Travel: Madagascar -  A Coast to Coast Expedition by Levison Wood

Madagascar: A Coast to Coast Expedition

Madagascar. The word itself is tinged with excitement. It stirs half formed childhood memories of adventure - jungles, snakes, vast baobabs and curious lemurs. But there is more to the island than a cartoon-lik... - A Journey to the Edge of the World by Becx Whitefield

A Journey to the Edge of the World

So I’ve lived, breathed, and loved Africa for many, many years. I’ve driven from Nairobi to Johannesburg taking a very wiggly line and my time. I had a cottage on the banks of the Zambezi with elephant and hipp...
Off Piste Skiing in Norway

Off Piste in Norway: A Dangerous Thrill

Skiing in Europe can be a pretty commercial affair. A lot of the resorts look identical and have become watered down. The slopes are crowded and the powder is not as fresh as it once was.  Going back country is...

Coastal Adventure

Standing on a dock in an old Georgia fishing village with a small sailboat high and dry in the mud and our guide cursing herself because she had packed not a complete pair of shoes, but one of her husband’s Cha...

My Inca Adventures: A Trek to Machu Picchu

“What are the odds of getting food poisoning the day before my Machu Picchu trek?” was a question that crossed my mind as I added a generous amount of mayonnaise to my potato snack. Mayonnaise that may or may...